Exciting news!!!…It will be officially launched on the tour starting in July! Meanwhile you can pre-order the album right now! + a few offers you can’t refuse!



Simply go to  our online shop and place the order. (Note the option to bundle)

In many ways this is a natural follow up to the “Catch the Fire” album.  After doing many tours in Poland, a set of circumstances led me to be introduced to Arthur Malik and Jacek Chruscinski in a car park in Grodkow, Poland. They were to be a pick up band for a gig that night in Chojnow, near Legnica. We found that we gelled as people and as a band. The gig didn’t exactly go to plan but the audience loved it. We joined forces for another tour later that year in Germany, Switzerland and Austria where a natural chemistry developed on stage. We did more work in Poland, Czech Republic and Luxembourg and it was decided to do the next KTB album together. This is my 12th album and I wanted to be creative , yet stay true to my roots. I wanted to be myself, yet in some way pay homage to those who have influenced me. A challenge but I think this has been achieved. It was recorded by Adam Drzewiecki over 3 days in DMP Studios in Krakow and about two weeks or so at Density Music in the UK.

Physical media

Hey…a bit of perspective for ya. Music download sales are down by 60%. Vinyl sales up by 30%. Even cassettes are up by 12%. Ok CD sales are less than they were and streaming is up by 40%….well it would be….it’s free! When people bemoan that Cds aren’t selling… it’s not quite true. They still sell about 35 million a year! In a culture that now has so much choice I don’t think that is too bad. What it means is the fat cats can’t get the millions they used to. BUT for the working musician like me it is essential. If you want to ensure that musicians get what they are due to enable them to continue making quality music then buy the CD! The trend is back to physical media! Don’t listen to the propaganda….support real music played by real musicians. Don’t follow the herd….be your own person..oh and don’t forget to pre order my new album…”Transcendence”. Haha… you won’t regret it!

 Variation is the spice of life! Watch out for KTB in many forms out on the road!


Thursday 11th, Kraków Summer Jazz Festival, Harris Bar.

Saturday 13th, Kraków Summer Jazz Festival

Wednesday 17th, Sierzan, Poland.

Thursday 18th, Augustow Blues Marathon, Kaktusik, Augustow

Friday 19th, Augustow Blues Marathon, Jam session on the boat

Saturday 20th, Augustow Blues Marathon, Anfitheatre Stage

Sunday 21st, Orzycz, Poland

Monday 22nd, Club Pamela, Torun

Tuesday 23rd. Bugsy’s Music Restaurante, Pszczyna

Wednesday 24th, Kojetin, Czech Republic

Wednesday 31st. Gloucester Blues Festival, Cafe Rene, Gloucester (KTB)


3rd-6th Jerry Ricks Blues Festival, Kastav & Opatija, Croatia (KTB)Fiday 9th. Duck and Drake Music Venue, Leeds

Saturday 10th. Lowther Country Fair, Penrith

Saturday 31st. Shropshire Blues Club, Ludlow


Sunday 1st. Prince Of Wales, Stafford.

Saturday 21st. Wotton Under Edge Blues Festival, Art Centre

We are working hard to add dates all the time so regularly check the web site:


Keith Thompson Music – 2019

Hi Everyone,

KT in Glos

Timeless sleeve sizedGet the FREE download album, Timeless Vol 1. For a limited time only. 12 great tracks taken from previous albums. Just email and put FREE ALBUM in the subject bar. The album will then be sent straight to your inbox!

The start to the year often seems relatively quiet…this year was no exception gig wise….but the spare time was welcome because I have two major recording projects on the go. My own band album, “Transcendence” and the new Jigantics album, as yet untitled.


The band album will be released definitely by July in time for touring, if not before. The album continues from where “Catch the Fire” left off. With this album, I wanted to be creative and yet stay true to the roots of Blues/Rock. I wanted to be myself, yet also in some way pay homage to those who have influenced me. A challenge but I think I have done that. This all came about during off days while on tour in Poland. Me and the guys, Jacek Chruscinski (Bass) and Artur Malik (Drums) went into DMP studios in Krakow and began recording. We sure had a lot of fun on tour and in the studio….I think it shows!

We will be touring again this summer…dates below:


Thursday 11th, Kraków Summer Jazz Festival, Harris Piano Bar, Poland

Saturday 13th, Kraków Summer Jazz Festival, Main Stage, Poland

Wednesday 17th, Club Sowa, Olsztyn, Poland

Thursday 18th, Augustow Blues Marathon, Kaktusik, Augustow, Poland

Friday 19th, Augustow Blues Marathon, Jam session on the boat, Poland

Saturday 20th, Augustow Blues Marathon, Anfitheatre Stage, Poland

Sunday 21st, Sierzan, Poland

Monday 22nd, Club Pamela, Torun, Poland

                                                 Wednesday 24th. Kojetin, Czech

Wednesday 31st, Gloucester Blues Festival, Café Rene, Gloucester UK


Sunday 4th, Jerry Ricks Blues Festival, Kastav & Opatija, Croatia

Friday 9th Duck and Drake Music Venue, Leeds UK

Saturday 10th. Lowther Game Fair, Penrith, UK


Sunday 1st. Prince Of Wales, Stafford, UK

I recently started inviting people to ask me questions that I thought might make interesting content for the blog….so here goes!

1) What effects pedals do you use and why. What sound/tone are you aiming for?

Well….that is quite easy to answer. The guitarists that I was drawn to as a kid played  either a Strat or a Les Paul and more often than not a Marshall amp. The classic combination! I think some of the best tones on record ever were played by Paul Kossoff, Peter Green, Gary Moore, Jeff Beck, Dave Gilmour, Rory Gallagher….to name a few. The thing about them was that, even in the case of Gary Moore who used a very over driven sound, there was a purity about the sound too. Not only that, they were each unique. So….the conclusion I came to was that I did not want to copy them but I have always been striving for that same purity of sound….but I wanted it to be my own. The way I approach that is that I try to use mostly the natural sound of the amp and guitar. So pedals for the electric are quite minimal. The only pedal I use regularly is the “Marshall Guvnor” (Basically a Marshall sound in a box!). This is very useful for me especially when traveling and being presented with any number of back-line amps. I will on occasions use a wah pedal. There is usually a nice reverb on most amps these days so I always have a touch of that. Occasional delay pedal which is a nice touch….Amp always set with a slightly crunchy gain….not over done…and that is about it. The rest is in your head and your fingers!


2) Why the guitar in the first place

Uhmm well I was 5 years old when I started playing. As with many of my generation, I grew up listening to the Beatles, The Stones, Free, Led Zeppelin etc. All guitar bands. I just loved the sound of the guitar right from the start. I remember Hank Marvin was on TV a lot back then. Great, pure sound! My first guitar had to look like that with a tremelo arm. Rapier 33! (poor man’s Strat) but from then on I was hooked!

3) How do you approach your acoustic guitar playing?

Yes the acoustic is really a different beast. Some of the techniques are of course interchangeable but for the acoustic I tend to gravitate to a more slapping finger style approach….possibly because I used to listen to a lot of John Martyn. I think in many ways I have developed a fairly individual style on the acoustic. For me, it keeps this fresh. In the live situation I use pedals on the acoustic. Ironically  I use more pedals than I do for the electric.

acoustic pedals 1

From the beginning of the chain, on the right of the board:

a) Tuner. b) Compressor. c) Overdrive. d) Delay. e) Loop station. f) Hall of Fame Reverb Unit

4) Why did you record the album in Poland?

We started recording the album in Poland when we had some days off on the tour. We were getting on really well as a band and wanted to use the energy. The guys knew this great studio in Krakow where we were free to just knock tracks out. I did bring the files back to the UK to finish them off but hopefully we captured the energy. KTB has always been a fluid line up. Circumstances, budget and location all play a part in who is in the band at any given time.. You may notice that the picture at the top of the blog has yet another line up! This was taken at a one – off gig in Slovenia towards the end of 2018. The whole event was put together by a German promoter who just wanted to do his own thing!…I must say we had a blast though. Obviously it would be great if the band could be consistently the same line up but we are all busy people and in many ways it keeps the whole thing fresh.

Thanks for the questions and thanks to all who have supported me in many ways…..enjoyed my music, bought albums etc.

Hope that’s all good for you. Hope to see you out there at one of the gigs.


Keith Thompson Bluesnews! DEC. 2018


All proceeds to  homelessness charities.

BrokenWorld image

May I start by wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

So much has happened this year. As busy as ever with gigs as well as recording sessions, teaching guitar lessons, songwriting etc. Since my last blog I have toured with my band again, doing gigs in Poland, Luxembourg, Germany and the Czech Republic. The other band I am in, The Jigantics, have toured in Holland and I am about to perform at a one off blues event in Maribor, Slovenia. COME ON UK! What’s the matter with you!!! I have been able to do many acoustic gigs in the UK this year but no KTB gigs!

First though, I need to tell you about the brand new single, “Broken World”. Available to download now! Everywhere! All proceeds to homelessness charities. lyrics: Shaun Freke. All music and instrumentation: Keith Thompson. The cover was designed by Chris Barnes. Please help by clicking on the link and downloading the track.

DO IT NOW!   Itunes  or  CD Baby

Other news: Work has begun on a brand new Keith Thompson Band album! It will be released next year and tour dates are being booked. It is already sounding fantastic! I can’t wait for you to hear it.

A new web site is also being put together so I will tell you about that when it goes live sometime early in 2019.

Density Music web site will of course continue but this will eventually be just the business side of things; the record label and the agency.

Some recent pictures to leave you with:

Thank you for your support. Happy Christmas!

Keith Thompson Music News

Hi Everyone.

There is so much happening that  another bulletin has become necessary. For those who don’t yet subscribe to “Blues In Britain” magazine, I have included the original full interview with journalist Peter Clack at the bottom of the page.


Things change and develop so quickly that I am having a job keeping up myself!

I have just completed yet another tour of Poland which saw us play at Augustow Blues Marathon and Hard Rock Club Pamela in Torun among many others. The reception we received from audiences was outstanding! Circumstances have meant that I have had to expand my pool of musicians. The latest line up of the band, Jacek Chruscinski (bass) and Artur Malik (drums) has proved to be so enjoyable that the audiences are picking up on the good chemistry between us. While in Poland we started work on a new album! I didn’t expect this but we are working on this now and hopefully it will be released very soon…..within the year!


Acoustic solo gigs are still progressing well. Just did the Guiting Power Music Festival, here in the UK. Rain was threatening to dampen spirits but actually it was a very enjoyable event.

Work on the “Broken World” charity single for the Eden Gate charity, working for the homeless is well underway. This is a collaboration between me and Shaun Freke and will be aired for the first time at a band gig in Chepstow in December. Details at the bottom of the page.

Also playing with the Jigantics. (Folk/Roots)

KEITH THOMPSON INTERVIEW – Blues In Britain July 2018
Hi Keith, I first saw you a few years back now when Keith Thompson’s
Strange Brew were playing at the Gloucester Blues Festival, it was, I
remember a great set and the band produced an equally good album.
Could you say a little bit about yourself, how you got to play the
guitar, those who influenced your playing, where you began to perform
live and your early bands please. And a little on your background and
introduction to the blues.

Yes that must’ve been a long time back. Over 10 years! We dropped
the “Strange Brew” name because people kept confusing us with a
Cream tribute band, plus with several line up changes, it was decided
to opt for “Keith Thompson Band”…keeping things nice and simple.
Wow, that’s several questions in one there!….I began playing around 5
years of age so I really don’t remember ever not playing. I started
getting noticed at school and won talent contests by the time I was 8
and by the age of 14, I was playing locally in pubs and clubs. There
were a couple of school bands. I guess the first ever gig was in front of
the school. I taught a mate of mine to play guitar and out of that
came my first serious band. I think we went through several name
changes eventually settling on “Poacher Brown”. We were big shots in
our hometown of Cheltenham but it was with this band that I did my
first real pro gig! Wind on a few years, by now I had left school and
worked as a printer but I quit when we got the chance to play in
Germany. That was a life changing experience…we had to play 5x 45
minute sets every night. 6 on weekends! After that experience we
came back to Cheltenham and formed a new band with another local
big shot…Mick “Wurzel” Burston, later of Motorhead fame. This band
was called, “Bunter”. It was a great little band in a similar style to
Thin Lizzy with the twin guitars. We did well, that is until punk hit
the UK….but that’s another story! My influences were varied…most
prominent were, “The Beatles”, “Free”, “Rory Gallagher”, “Cream”,
“Fleetwood Mac”, “The Groundhogs” and many more. Plus I also
listened to more song based folk music that my sister was into, “Cat
Stevens”, The Strawbs”, “Fairport Convention” and the legendary
“John Martyn”. The Blues came later. One epiphany moment was
when I was listening to the chart stuff on Radio 1 and out of the blue
they played “Burn out your Blind Eyes” by John Mayall. I had never
heard anything like that before and I didn’t understand anything about blues at that point but I guess that was the very beginning of a
long journey of discovery.

Alongside the albums with bands you’ve also produced two fine
examples of the acoustic side of your talent, mainly as you say as a
blues rocker, could you say how and what inspired them, the most
recent 2017’s Two Minutes to Midnight, was outstanding.

Thanks, well I always had this other side to me. For many years I
wrote these acoustic songs that no-one ever heard. I did start doing a
few gigs in the 80’s ‘cos I was written off as a dinosaur by then in my
early 20’s as “Punk” and “New Wave”, closely followed by the dreaded
drum machine took over!….so I took a bit of a side step into the world
of the singer/songwriter. Song writing is like anything else, it takes a
long time to get really good at it so some of the early songs might be
a bit painful to listen to now. However, I was always noticed more for
my guitar playing and I made a reasonable living as a session guy in
the late 80’s and 90’s. I started doing blues gigs around this time with
a couple of local guys and we got signed by a record label based in
Switzerland…so the acoustic stuff took a back seat again. Record
labels always want you to be genre specific so that they can more
easily market what you do. It’s only relatively recently that I re-
visited the acoustic stuff. I am an avid songwriter so by now I had a
backlog of songs as well as new ideas that didn’t fit what we were
doing in the band at that time. This resulted in the two acoustic
albums…the most recent being “Two Minutes to Midnight” Also, I
never want to stand still. Being creative means that you are
continually progressing, and trying different things. In 40 plus years of
playing I would say that not surprisingly it hasn’t always worked but I
guess for the most part it has.

When you did your most recent full band album ‘Catch the Fire’ it not
only brought some amazing reviews but saw you recording alongside
both Buddy Whittington and Laurence Jones. I remember chatting to
you at a festival about the album, which I could tell you were pretty
excited with.

Yeah, I wanted to make an old school blues-rock album really. I had
the Climax Blues Band rhythm section and after several tours we were
pretty hot. This line up played several gigs in Croatia, One of which
was, Umag Blues Festival where we met bass man Pete Stroud. He was playing with Papa George at the time. I just remember that we all got
on really well. Anyway it was Pete that introduced me to Buddy
Whittington. It just so happened that later that year I was doing a
little tour in the USA starting in Dallas, Texas. This is where Buddy is
from so he invited me on stage with him in the Fortworth area. Buddy
is a fantastic player as you know and I just asked him if he would
guest on my album on a couple of tracks. “Sure, juss gimmie a hollar!”
was his reply so there you go….I did! Laurence was playing on the
same bill as us at Banbury blues Festival. I went over and started
chatting and I think he just came out with it that he would play on a
track if I wanted him to so yeah….he came over, we chatted guitars,
jammed a bit and then I just got him to let rip on “Getting Ready For
The Burn”…. and he’s been letting rip ever since! Haha.

One of your strengths alongside your vocal and guitar talents is being a
strong songwriter, how did this side of your career emerge, or were
you not keen on playing covers as many used to.

Yeah I started off a long time ago playing covers and I have done more
than my fair share of playing cover band gigs. I began writing songs
almost from day one and even in my early gigs; I always threw in a
couple of originals. Ever since I started releasing albums though it’s
been the other way around…throwing in a couple of covers! I actually
consider myself as a songwriter at least as equal to my guitar playing,
either solo or with a band. The buzz for me is seeing an idea emerge
out of nothing to be a finished creation. That’s exciting and I feel like
I am giving more of myself that way. I love the artists that I was
inspired by…I learned from them but I never wanted to be a copy of
them. I love to play and guitar solos are great but only if they
enhance and build the song. Also, you know, if I set myself up as just a
great guitarist, then I have some pretty big boots to fill so the song is
the king for me.

How does having your own studio plus your own production company
Density Music make a difference and obviously give you full access on
your music, but doing things your way. Many now are producing their
own then finding a market for them, what’s your take on this side of

It really grew out of necessity. I came to the conclusion that no one
was going do it for me so I did it myself. Quite early on I decided that
if I was going to get into this business then I needed to know more
about all the aspects of the business. I learned the recording process, I
did “Live” sound engineering, studio production, I did some work for a
record company learning about copyright, licensing etc. I’ve booked
my own gigs, created my own web site. It is just the way things have
turned out. I was always looking for agents and managers and all the
help I could find but I wasn’t going to sit around doing nothing while I
waited! I guess you could always bemoan the fact that I wasn’t picked
up by a major label or something but in retrospect everything I have
achieved I have done myself, no hype, no massive industry backing. I
have my own little cottage industry. I guess I just don’t give up easily!
I look back now at, at least 30 European tours, 10 album releases and
a varied musical experience. That is pretty satisfying.

You tour Europe most years, how do you find audiences there say,
compared to here.

As a generalization, I have always found that the audiences in Europe
have been very knowledgeable. They take it very seriously and they
can tell me who my influences are and who plays with who. They also
don’t seem to have quite the problem with age as we have here in the
UK. It is not unusual for there to be younger guys in the audience. I
am sure that they would tell you that the same problems exist there
as here and I certainly know of clubs that have now closed, just the
same, but generally I think we have a bigger problem in the UK.
Poland for example, it is still really very much part of the culture to
go out to a live gig, not just the big gigs. Having said that, I am really
grateful for all those loyal supporters that come to our gigs but it is
really hard to move forward in the UK I think.

Last year you used on some solo shows amazing background scenes that
added depth to the songs, from railroads, to scenes of Britain to photos
of some blues greats, how did this come about, because it was hugely
effective to see on those live shows.

Well it first came about when I did a few shows with a friend of mine
who is a writer/storyteller. I decided to use the backdrop video
projection to add some colour and meaning to the songs. Again, it was
a case of doing it myself. I got into taking video and editing just for
fun really. It is a bit more creative than just “doing a gig” and so
where possible I use this mainly on the solo shows.

With the number of venues closing for live music, how is life on the
road for a working musician today, and can live music pay enough?

Well it’s pretty tough unless you have money behind you! I guess
everyone’s experience in this is different. If you’re Ed Sheeran it is
probably great but you know; this country has absolutely loads of
artists and musicians and not enough places to play really.  I
am one of the lucky ones in that I am still finding outlets with the
European connection and also play in other bands…currently playing in
the Jigantics who are more on the Folk/Americana end of the
spectrum. There are many promoters out there doing the best they
can, and let’s face it, they are mostly volunteers who do it simply for
the love of the music. They can’t afford to lose money any more than
we can so there you go; it’s a vicious circle. It’s sad when I hear of
great bands giving up or clubs closing because they just can’t make
ends meet. I have something of an entrepreneur spirit so I seem to
keep finding a way to continue. Again, I am really thankful that there
are those that are dedicated in coming out to support us and other
acts like us. We couldn’t do it at all without them! I am just saying
trying to make a living as a musician has never been easy; even in the
70’s I can’t say it was exactly easy! Of course, I can only speak for
myself in this. Someone else may have a totally different perspective
and feel they are having the ride of their lives!… If you meet ‘em,
then send ‘em my way will you!

Finally Keith, future plans, recordings, tours (both band and solo),
festivals and Europe. What can we expect to see from you this year?

Yes I have a pretty full diary really. All details are on my web site:
I have ideas for recording…I want to take my time but the idea is to
bring the two sides, electric and acoustic, together for a really great
album. Meanwhile I will be releasing new songs from time to time on
Itunes and other downloading sites along with videos on
YouTube….just to whet the appetite! First there is the new KTB album!



Mon 6th, Black Book Cafe, Lifting the Blues event, Stroud (KT solo acoustic)

Sat 18th, Miserden Folk Club, Carpenter’s Arms, Miserden (Jigantics)


Saturday 1st, Peppers, Bull Lane, Gloucester(Jigantics) 3.30pm

15th -16th, Midlands Game Fair, Shifnal (Jigantics)


3rd – 15th October Tour Poland – Czech Republic – Luxembourg (Keith Thompson Band)

Thursday 11th,City Theatre Club, Kolin, Czech (KTB)

Saturday 13th. The Blues Club, Letzbuerg. Grand Hotel, Vianden. Luxembourg (KTB)

Monday 15th, Hlucin, Czech (KTB)

Wednesday 17th. Willows Folk Club, Arundel. (Jigantics)

Thursday 25th. Drill Hall, Chepstow. Opening for the Marbletones (KT solo acoustic)

26th Oct – 4th November, Holland Tour (Jigantics)
27th, Café de Lantaern, Holland (Jigantics)

Thursday 1st. Theater De Wegwijzer, Molenweg 25, 4339 AA Nw.- En St. Joosland, Holland (Jigantics)
Friday 2nd. Peter en Leni, Damsterweg 20 9629 PD Steendam, Holland (Jigantics)
Sunday 4th, Roots aan De Zaan, De Kleine Waarheid, Klauwershoek 4-8 Zaandam, NL TBA. Holland (Jigantics)


Saturday 1st. Linton Village Hall (Jigantics)
Sunday 2nd, Folk on the Moor, Lee Mill, Devon (Jigantics)
Friday 14th, Hinckley ACT Christmas party, Leicestershire (Jigantics)

Tuesday 11th, Bristol Blues Club (KTB)

Saturday 15th. Drill Hall, Chepstow (KTB) (Release of “Broken World” charity CD)

Keith Thompson Music – News

Hi Everyone,

Red B&W

I was recently explaining to someone how all my gigs were going and they shocked me with their response, “Oh I see, are you retired now?….that must be great!”. This sadly is not that unusual a response. The shock was that I thought this person knew better. The thing is that many people my age do manage to retire early but this isn’t the case for me. You see, for way over 40 years I have played music professionally or semi-professionally. I left school at 15 and for over half my working life I have made a living out of music. I have lost count how many times I have toured in Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria to name a few. It has been a regular thing to headline a large festival in Europe or a well known venue. I have released several albums. worked in studios as a session guitarist and as a producer/engineer. All this with no or very little industry help or PR hype…but that’s another story! Of course all this is mentioned on my web site but I think some people find it hard to believe…maybe because in the UK I haven’t got a high profile as such. I am not on the TV or radio etc. I have been on TV in Europe but that isn’t something that happens every day. Mostly I am a working musician. This is just what I do! Aah but that’s another problem…many people don’t see music as work!

I know that there will always be some that don’t get it. I’m actually fine with that…but just in case there is any doubt, below is a summary of what I am currently involved in.

Solo acoustic shows

Things are hotting up…and it’s not just the weather! Just completed a little run of solo acoustic gigs. The solo show continues to develop; very enjoyable to incorporate video projection into the show. I continue writing new songs and I put together all the videos to the songs as well…so it can take up a  lot of time. It is a labour of love though. My two acoustic albums, “Steel Strings and Bruised Reed” and “Two Minutes to Midnight” have both been well received by the music press and the public alike.


Keith Thompson Band

Keith Thompson Band is  a very fluid situation. Very enjoyable gig in Austria last month with the German rhythm section at Brucknerhaus Theatre, Linz. Also a lot of touring in the pipeline with the Polish guys. I have also been writing and recording new material….mostly with me playing all the instruments myself! (I am essentially a solo artist that sometimes plays with a full band) I now have way more than I need for a new album. It’s at the final stages of tweaking and selection. It will then just be a case of awaiting the right time for release. We all know that there are changing attitudes to the sale of albums too…so that will also be a consideration.

The Jigantics

The Jigantics continue to keep me occupied in between my own shows. Gigs have included, Birmingham, The Isle Of White, Maidenhead and Selsey. The Jigs seem to be on a constantly changing path too. Currently we are on a more acoustic trajectory which certainly suits the current crop of gigs.

Other recordings

In the UK I will soon have some very exciting news which involves a project helping the homeless. I have co-written a song with Shaun Freke called, Broken World. We are releasing it and doing a Keith Thompson Band gig to raise money and awareness via the charity “Eden Gate”. This will probably be released as an EP with a few other songs too. All I can say is that the process is well underway.


Songwriting/Computer Games/Library Music etc.

From time to time I get asked to write and record audio for computer games. I delivered the last one a few weeks ago but these projects are fun and creative work. I have, however recently written songs for other artists that have been reasonably successful; charting in the artists country of origin. Library music is  quiet right now but continues to be an occasional source of work.


13th – 24th, Poland Tour (Keith Thompson Band)


Fri 13th Niepolomice (KTB)
Sat 14th, Krakow Summer Festival Open Air (KTB)
Wed 18th,Club Sowa, Olsztyn (KTB)
Thurs. 19th, Sierzan (KTB)
Fri 20th, KTB host the jam session on the lake! Blues Marathon, Augustow, Poland (KTB)
Sat 21st, Main Stage, Amfiteatr – Blues Marathon, Augustow, Poland (KTB)
Mon 23rd, Club Pamela, Torun (KTB)
Tues 24th, Krakow Summer Festival, Harris Jazz Piano Bar (KTB)

Sunday 29th, Guiting Power Music Festival (KT Solo acoustic – on stage 12.00 noon)


Mon 6th, Black Book Cafe, Lifting the Blues event, Stroud (KT solo acoustic)

Sat 18th, Miserden Folk Club, Carpenter’s Arms, Miserden (Jigantics)


Saturday 1st, Peppers, Bull Lane, Gloucester(Jigantics) 3.30pm

15th -16th, Midlands Game Fair, Shifnal (Jigantics)


8th – 15th October Tour Poland – Czech Republic – Luxembourg (Keith Thompson Band)

Thursday 11th,City Theatre Club, Kolin, Czech (KTB)

Saturday 13th. The Blues Club, Letzbuerg. Grand Hotel, Vianden. Luxembourg (KTB)

Monday 15th, Hlucin, Czech (KTB)

Wednesday 17th. Willows Folk Club, Arundel. (Jigantics)

26th October – 4th November, Holland Tour (Jigantics)

27th, Café de Lantaern, Holland (Jigantics)


Thursday 1st. Theater De Wegwijzer, Molenweg 25, 4339 AA Nw.- En St. Joosland, Holland (Jigantics)
Friday 2nd. Peter en Leni, Damsterweg 20 9629 PD Steendam, Holland (Jigantics)
Sunday 4th, Roots aan De Zaan, De Kleine Waarheid, Klauwershoek 4-8 Zaandam, NL TBA. Holland (Jigantics)


Saturday 1st. Linton Village Hall (Jigantics)
Sunday 2nd, Folk on the Moor, Lee Mill, Devon (Jigantics)
Friday 14th, Hinckley ACT Christmas party, Leicestershire (Jigantics)

Tuesday 11th, Bristol Blues Club (KTB)

Saturday 15th. Drill Hall, Chepstow (KTB)

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Keith Thompson Music News – Feb/March 2018

Hello Everyone!


Pics by Ron Milsom

A great start to the year. When music is your business, you never really know what is going to happen next! For example, I was at home in my little studio working on audio for a computer game. This is something I have done on and off now for several years, it is creative work and gives me a workaday focus and I can do it from home! Win win!.. Anyway….the phone rings and it is a local promoter who is in a panic because an act at a show he is putting on, 10 minutes from my house, has let him down….”Can you be here in an hour?”…..”Sure” I reply. The pic above is taken from the gig. It was a rare opportunity for me to play in my home town. It was a great night. I was on form as this was the third gig that week. The audience were really appreciative. Later that week, I get another call from a promoter/musician I have worked a lot with in Poland. He had a few chords and a melody line for a song designed for a Polish pop singer called “Kasia”…but he needed it quickly! “Piece of cake” I reply…so back in my studio I come up with the lyrics and the hook for a song called, “One Voice”. It is writing to a brief really, as it has to have universal lyrics and as it is not the singer’s native language, it can’t be too complicated! The result is a great little pop song and Kasia did a wonderful job. Within a week it was on national radio stations in Poland.

For me the “live” scene at the moment seems to consist of my solo acoustic work and the Folk/Americana band, “The Jigantics”. My own band is taking a pause….more work in the pipeline though. Last week the Jigantics headlined a show in Petersfield, UK which ended up with the two other bands on the bill joining us for two encores. That was a lot of fun!

Encore 14

Pic by Jan Thompson

As you can see….anything can happen! Below I have listed the current schedule which is constantly being worked on and additions made. I would like to draw your attention to 3 solo gigs that if you are in the area, it would be fantastic to see you. You need tickets so you would be advised to get in quick!

Saturday 14th, April. Phoenix Theatre, Ross On Wye (KT solo acoustic) £14 from: TICKET SOURCE!

Friday 20th April. The Stables, Milton Keynes. (KT solo acoustic) £10 in advance from: THE STABLES

Tuesday 29th May. Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham. (KT solo acoustic) £10.50 or £9.00 (concessions) EVERYMAN BOX OFFICE

Other ways that you can support me is to subscribe to my YouTube channel:

Keith Thompson YouTube

And….”Like” and share my Facebook page.

See you somewhere out there!

The schedule as it stands:


Saturday 24th, Selsey Folk Club. (Jigantics)


Saturday 14th, Phoenix Theatre, Ross On Wye (KT solo acoustic)
Friday 20th, The Stables, stage 2, Milton Keynes (KT solo acoustic)

Sunday 22nd, Manor Farm Music, Ardley, Bicester (Jigantics)

27th – 30th, Germany/Austria (Keith Thompson Band)

Sunday 29th, Brucknerhaus, Linz, Austria (11.00am)


Sat 12th, Wolverton Folk & Blues Festival, Shorwell, Isle of White.(Jigantics) TBC
Saturday 19th, Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Maidenhead (Jigantics)
Tuesday 29th, Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham (KT solo acoustic)


1st, Queen’s Head, Monmouth (Jigantics)
7th, Folk in a Field, King’s Lynn. (Jigantics)
8th, Folk in a Field, King’s Lynn. (Jigantics)

13th – 27th, Poland tour (Keith Thompson Band)

Sat 14th, Krakow Summer Festival (KTB)
Wed 18th, Blues Marathon, Augustow, Poland (KTB)
Friday 20th, Blues Marathon, Augustow, Poland (KTB)
Tues 24th, Krakow Summer Festival (KTB)
Sunday 29th, Guiting Power Music Festival (KT Solo acoustic – on stage 1.30pm)


Mon 6th, Black Book Cafe, Lifting the Blues event, Stroud (KT solo acoustic)


Thursday 6th, Bromyard Folk Festival (Jigantics) TBC
15th -16th, Midlands Game Fair, Shifnal (Jigantics)


26th Oct – 4th Nov, Holland tour. (Jigantics)

27th, Café de Lantaern, Holland (Jigantics)

Thursday 1st. Theater De Wegwijzer, Molenweg 25, 4339 AA Nw.- En St. Joosland, Holland (Jigantics)
Friday 2nd. Peter en Leni, Damsterweg 20 9629 PD Steendam, Holland (Jigantics)
Sunday 4th, Roots aan De Zaan, De Kleine Waarheid, Klauwershoek 4-8 Zaandam, NL TBA. Holland (Jigantics)


Sunday 2nd, Folk on the Moor, Lee Mill, Devon (Jigantics)
Friday 14th Hinckley ACT Christmas party, Leicestershire (Jigantics)

Keith Thompson Blog. Summer 2017



Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all well….I don’t do these blogs on a regular basis…just when I have particularly interesting stuff to say!….Every day is interesting but I don’t think you would appreciate hearing from me that often!

Big news is on the touring/gigging front. I (Keith Thompson Band) have another European tour booked taking in dates in five countries; UK, Poland, Czech, Austria and Switzerland!…..I have also joined the Folk/Americana band, The Jigantics….they also have dates in UK, Portugal and Holland….I have also got some pre-booked gigs with Steven Sproat and Moses Wiggins….so along with recording work for computer games and Library music etc….looks like I am going to be busy!

Here are dates booked so far for the rest of the year:


Wed 19th. Nether Edge folk Club, Sheffield (The Jigantics)
Thurs 27th.. Gloucester Blues Week, Peppers, Bull Lane (6.00pm KT solo acoustic)
Sat 29th. Gloucester Blues Week, Dick Whittington, Westgate Street. (KT.Band 5.30pm)
Sun 30th. Gloucester Blues Week, Dick Whittington, Westgate Street. (KT solo 6.00pm)


Tues 1st. Lindors Country Hotel, Lydney (with Steve Sproat)
Sat 12th. Pheonix Theatre, Ross On Wye (with Steve Sproat)
Sun 13th. Lowther Show, Penrith, Cumbria. (The Jigantics)

Sun 19th. The Void Festival, Sinzendorf, 93449 Waldmünchen, GERMANY (with The Groundhogs)

Tues 22nd. Bristol Blues Club, Downend Tavern, Downend Road, Bristol (KT.Band)


Fri 1st. Broomfield Tavern, Coventry (KT.Band)
Sat 2nd. Uxbridge Folk Club Festival (The Jigantics)
Fri 8th. Hunmanby Community Centre, Filey, N. Yorkshire (The Jigantics)
Sat 9th. Bellingham, All Acoustic Music Festival, Northumberland (The Jigantics)
Thurs 21st. Southdowns Folk Festival, Bognor Regis (The Jigantics)
Sun 24th. Wotton Under Edge Blues Festival, Royal Oak (KT.Band)
Thurs 28th. Beehive, Swindon. (Moses Wiggins)


Fri 6th. Peppers, Bull lane, Gloucester. 6.00pm start. (Moses Wiggins)
9th – 13th. Costa del Folk Festival,
Albufeira, PORTUGAL (The Jigantics)

KT.Band European Tour

Fri 20th. Krakow, POLAND
Sat 21st. Sucha Beskidzka, POLAND
Sun 22nd, Niepolomice, POLAND
Mon 23rd. Novy Sicin, CZECH
Tues 24th Kolin, CZECH
Wed 25th. Esse Bar, Winterthur, SWISS
Thurs 26th. 8304 Bar, Wallisellen, SWISS
Fri 27th Beni’s Backroad, Beiz, Sils i.D, SWISS
Sat 28th. Landhaus, Jenaz, SWISS
Mon 30th. Altes Sporthaus, Vohringen, GERMANY


Wed 1st. Alte, Muhle, Scharnitz, AUSTRIA
Thurs 2nd. Buesianna, Velden, AUSTRIA
Fri 3rd. Ceska 1, Kutna Hora, CZECH
Sat 4th. Bandr, Uhersky Brod, CZECH
Thurs 7th. Krosno, POLAND


November Cont…

Fri 10th. Trouble Tree Folk Concerts,
2396 Wj Koudekerk Ad Rijn, HOLLAND (The Jigantics)
Sat 11th. Folk at home, Tilburg, Netherlands (The Jigantics)
Sun 12th. Muziekcafe Cultuurhuys De Kroon,
Waddinxeen, Netherlands (The Jigantics)

Sun 19th. Stratford Blues Events, The Alehouse. Straford (KT solo 5.00pm)


Fri 1st. Woodman Folk Club, Kingswinford (The Jigantics)



I have co-written a song called Paradise with my friend Lukasz Gorczyca from Poland. In Poland Lukasz is a well known bass player and music promoter. We also have some prestigious artists who worked on the project with us.


Lukasz Gorczyca is the man behind this project. He is a well known promoter of live music and bass player in Poland.  On vocals is “Aro” ( Arek Klusowski ) a very talented Polish vocalist known from very popular TV show called VOICE OF POLAND where he finished in second place. We all know that coming in second is sometimes even better that first! Also for good measure the guitarist on the track is Jennifer Batten – a very experienced guitar player known from Michael Jackson band ( 3 world tours) and Jeff Beck ( 2 world tours)

We have released this as a single, available on Itunes.


The albums are still selling. Two very different approaches. My solo acoustic album, Two Minutes to Midnight and full band album, Catch the Fire.

  • My new album, Two Minutes to Midnight has had great reviews in the music press. Here is a quote from my favourite: “Here is a British blues artist who delivers one of surely the best acoustic based albums you’ll hear this year. The recording quality is excellent, and he’s in great voice throughout and remains on very fine form as a musician but on top of that is a song-writer of the highest order. Very highly recommended!” – Peter Clack (Blues In Britain)
  • Catch the Fire, here we do have a British blues band offering us a quality not often associated with self-released UK blues-rock albums, and a guitarist who should definitely be heard. Maybe keep the matches and lighter away from Keith and his mates though! Simon Redley (Blues and Soul)

Why not check out the album page of my web site and order your copy: Density Music



New album & more news from Keith Thompson.

Hi Everyone.

The main news at the moment is the new solo acoustic album, “Two Minutes To Midnight”.

Two Minutes To Midnight

And the launch gig at the Everyman Theatre Studio in Cheltenham on March 31st.

Everyman Box Office


The album came about as during 2016 I  decided to record as many of my songs as I could.
I ended up with 50+ songs, but what seemed to be emerging was
an acoustic blues/rock album to follow on from my earlier release,
“Steel Strings And Bruised Reed”. So I whittled it down to 15 tracks and “Two Minutes To Midnight” is the result. I played most of the instruments myself; guitars, piano, drums, percussion, bass, ukulele, blues harp…just whatever I felt it needed at the time. I did a successful tour in Europe during the tail end of the year and so the album  is officially released on all platforms on March 1st. You can order your physical copy now….just click on the link.

Two Minutes To Midnight


Also….I am still offering deals on previous releases. Just go to the webs site: Density Music Albums

The album will be launched with a gig in my home town of Cheltenham at the Everyman Theatre Studio on March 31st. If you are within shooting distance, get your ticket now…they are already selling fast!  Everyman Box Office

Gig list.March

Sat 4th March, Borough Blues Club, Cwmbran, Wales KT.Band

Sun 5th March, The Grapes, Stafford. KT.Band

Thurs. 16th March, Beehive, Swindon (Moses Wiggins)

Fri 17th March. Peppers, Bull Lane 6.00pm (Moses Wiggins)

Sat 23rd. March Recording a live piece for Johnny Coppin’s radio show – Broadcast on Saturday 25th March – BBC Radio Gloucester

Fri 31st March, Everyman Theatre (Stage 2), Regent Street, Cheltenham – A special solo performance and album launch of “Two Minutes To Midnight”

More gigs added regularly on the web site: Density Music

fpom: Gigs are a mixture of solo acoustic gigs, full band gigs and Moses Wiggins. Moses Wiggins is a show consisting of storytelling, acoustic music and video projection.

fpom = For peace of mind

Blogging it! Keith Thompson

Live stuff!? Yep….I am about to go off on a short European tour. It is a solo acoustic venture which ties in well with the material going around my head at the moment. Here are the dates:

Thurs 10th. Katie Fitzgerald’s, Stourbridge, UK
Wed 23rd Alte Muhle, Scharnitz, Austria
Thurs 24th, Wallisellen, Switzerland
Fri 25th Dolder 2, Feuerthanlen, Switzerland
Sat 26th Chlini Buni, Sumizwald, Switzerland
Sun 27th Esse Music bar, Winterthur, Switzerland
Mon 28th Cafe-Museum, Passau, Germany
Tues 29th Alphonso’s Live Music Club, Franz-Str. 5 Freiheit,Munich, Germany

Ahead of this is an EP containing my Christmas single, “Christmas Time Again“.

It is totally free to download but you can tip me as the title suggests! Here is the link:

Go Ahead Tip Me, It’s Christmas!


I have thrown in a few new songs for good measure. All songs are self-penned and every instrument except the violin on “Innocence” is played by myself and recorded in Gloucestershire UK. I did drag in my old mate Gary Hunt to do backing vocals on, “Transcendence” and “In For The Kill”. The violin is played by Nick Gibbs. I deliberately chose songs that were a little bit away from my usual blues box. Feel free to let me know what you think.

Also I have been selling bundles CD’s at a discount rate in the run up to Christmas so I will mention it again here.

Which CDs
Catch the Fire & Steel Strings £16.00 GBP
Catch the Fire & Snapshot £16.00 GBP
Steel Strings & Snapshot £16.00 GBP


Finally……had a bit of fun with this video for the Christmas single!

Christmas Time Again Video

I probably won’t be communicating again now until 2017 so all that remains if for me to wish you all an amazing Christmas and a successful, happy and prosperous New Year!