Keith Thompson Blues – News

Hello Everyone! Greetings of the season to you!

What an amazing year! After a very slow beginning, 2017 turned out some great shows for the Keith Thompson Band and some nice solo gigs, culminating in a three week tour in Europe taking in 5 countries!

I also joined Folk/Americana band the Jigantics and did some very enjoyable gigs in the UK, Portugal and Holland.

I even squeezed in a guest spot with the legendary Groundhogs in Germany!

In the light

Ken Pustelnik (original Groundhog drummer) and I have been friends for a few years now and have collaborated here and there, so I was happy to help out at the Void Festival in Germany. The amazing thing about Ken’s Groundhogs is that have a young “Stoner Rock” audience, as opposed to an ageing blues audience. I don’t have a problem with the ageing blues audience by the way…it is just a fact that generally audiences for live music (unless it is the huge arena pop scene) is getting older. Ken seems to buck the trend! The photograph above captures the moment when the front man and guitarist Chris’s amp packed up and I had to take over. The sun going down giving me a natural spotlight! Great fun!

That was just one of the musical highlights. The recent Keith Thompson Band European tour with Polish rhythm section was a very positive international communication experience! Many of the shows were sold out! We did about 3500km through Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Made a lot of new friends and I am very much looking forward to when we go back out there in 2018.

The Jigantics was an unexpected side-step for me but very enjoyable. Costa Del Folk Festival in Portugal was fantastic, as was Holland a few weeks later and it was at these gigs that I think the new band started to gel. The line -up  is changing and we are looking forward to recording new material in 2018 and building on what we have started. Lots of gigs in the diary already too!

As a working artist/musician I have my finger in a lot of pies! As well as all the above mentioned, I have done one or two gigs with “Moses Wiggins”, a collaboration between writer Nicholas John and myself. Also a few gigs with songwriter, ukulele player and guitarist Steven Sproat. Also been busy with songwriting and recording projects. A song I co-wrote with Polish friend Lukasz Gorczyca called, “Paradise” achieved chart placings in Poland and was performed on mainstream Polish TV!…I am currently working on music and audio for a new computer game, something I have done from time to time.

So….lots to look forward to in 2018.

More solo shows….more Keith Thompson Band and more Jigantics!….More projects…More music!

The albums are all selling well….and I mean “physical” albums not just downloads!


If you haven’t already done so….why not check the albums out

Someone recently asked me what my songs are about. Difficult to say really as I have written SO many songs but thinking about it, I have identified a recurring theme in my music….Songs about fulfillment and reaching true potential! Sound good?….Who doesn’t want that?

If you have been to one of my shows then you know what I’m talking about! Thank you so much for supporting me and “live” music in general. You are as much a part of the process as the musicians. Keep it up!

If you are a promoter, why not consider the positive input of  the international KTB or solo acoustic gig in your venue?

Here is a little taster video from the tour:

Uplifting Blues!!! What???!

While in Germany on the tour I made a trip to Garmisch, a place where my early musical career took a leap into the unknown in 1978! I made a little video to capture the moment.

Just for fun, do you wanna see/hear me putting an electric Uke through it’s paces?

Either way…have a great Christmas and I will see you in 2018!

Keith Thompson