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I was recently explaining to someone how all my gigs were going and they shocked me with their response, “Oh I see, are you retired now?….that must be great!”. This sadly is not that unusual a response. The shock was that I thought this person knew better. The thing is that many people my age do manage to retire early but this isn’t the case for me. You see, for way over 40 years I have played music professionally or semi-professionally. I left school at 15 and for over half my working life I have made a living out of music. I have lost count how many times I have toured in Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria to name a few. It has been a regular thing to headline a large festival in Europe or a well known venue. I have released several albums. worked in studios as a session guitarist and as a producer/engineer. All this with no or very little industry help or PR hype…but that’s another story! Of course all this is mentioned on my web site but I think some people find it hard to believe…maybe because in the UK I haven’t got a high profile as such. I am not on the TV or radio etc. I have been on TV in Europe but that isn’t something that happens every day. Mostly I am a working musician. This is just what I do! Aah but that’s another problem…many people don’t see music as work!

I know that there will always be some that don’t get it. I’m actually fine with that…but just in case there is any doubt, below is a summary of what I am currently involved in.

Solo acoustic shows

Things are hotting up…and it’s not just the weather! Just completed a little run of solo acoustic gigs. The solo show continues to develop; very enjoyable to incorporate video projection into the show. I continue writing new songs and I put together all the videos to the songs as well…so it can take up a  lot of time. It is a labour of love though. My two acoustic albums, “Steel Strings and Bruised Reed” and “Two Minutes to Midnight” have both been well received by the music press and the public alike.


Keith Thompson Band

Keith Thompson Band is  a very fluid situation. Very enjoyable gig in Austria last month with the German rhythm section at Brucknerhaus Theatre, Linz. Also a lot of touring in the pipeline with the Polish guys. I have also been writing and recording new material….mostly with me playing all the instruments myself! (I am essentially a solo artist that sometimes plays with a full band) I now have way more than I need for a new album. It’s at the final stages of tweaking and selection. It will then just be a case of awaiting the right time for release. We all know that there are changing attitudes to the sale of albums too…so that will also be a consideration.

The Jigantics

The Jigantics continue to keep me occupied in between my own shows. Gigs have included, Birmingham, The Isle Of White, Maidenhead and Selsey. The Jigs seem to be on a constantly changing path too. Currently we are on a more acoustic trajectory which certainly suits the current crop of gigs.

Other recordings

In the UK I will soon have some very exciting news which involves a project helping the homeless. I have co-written a song with Shaun Freke called, Broken World. We are releasing it and doing a Keith Thompson Band gig to raise money and awareness via the charity “Eden Gate”. This will probably be released as an EP with a few other songs too. All I can say is that the process is well underway.


Songwriting/Computer Games/Library Music etc.

From time to time I get asked to write and record audio for computer games. I delivered the last one a few weeks ago but these projects are fun and creative work. I have, however recently written songs for other artists that have been reasonably successful; charting in the artists country of origin. Library music is  quiet right now but continues to be an occasional source of work.


13th – 24th, Poland Tour (Keith Thompson Band)


Fri 13th Niepolomice (KTB)
Sat 14th, Krakow Summer Festival Open Air (KTB)
Wed 18th,Club Sowa, Olsztyn (KTB)
Thurs. 19th, Sierzan (KTB)
Fri 20th, KTB host the jam session on the lake! Blues Marathon, Augustow, Poland (KTB)
Sat 21st, Main Stage, Amfiteatr – Blues Marathon, Augustow, Poland (KTB)
Mon 23rd, Club Pamela, Torun (KTB)
Tues 24th, Krakow Summer Festival, Harris Jazz Piano Bar (KTB)

Sunday 29th, Guiting Power Music Festival (KT Solo acoustic – on stage 12.00 noon)


Mon 6th, Black Book Cafe, Lifting the Blues event, Stroud (KT solo acoustic)

Sat 18th, Miserden Folk Club, Carpenter’s Arms, Miserden (Jigantics)


Saturday 1st, Peppers, Bull Lane, Gloucester(Jigantics) 3.30pm

15th -16th, Midlands Game Fair, Shifnal (Jigantics)


8th – 15th October Tour Poland – Czech Republic – Luxembourg (Keith Thompson Band)

Thursday 11th,City Theatre Club, Kolin, Czech (KTB)

Saturday 13th. The Blues Club, Letzbuerg. Grand Hotel, Vianden. Luxembourg (KTB)

Monday 15th, Hlucin, Czech (KTB)

Wednesday 17th. Willows Folk Club, Arundel. (Jigantics)

26th October – 4th November, Holland Tour (Jigantics)

27th, Café de Lantaern, Holland (Jigantics)


Thursday 1st. Theater De Wegwijzer, Molenweg 25, 4339 AA Nw.- En St. Joosland, Holland (Jigantics)
Friday 2nd. Peter en Leni, Damsterweg 20 9629 PD Steendam, Holland (Jigantics)
Sunday 4th, Roots aan De Zaan, De Kleine Waarheid, Klauwershoek 4-8 Zaandam, NL TBA. Holland (Jigantics)


Saturday 1st. Linton Village Hall (Jigantics)
Sunday 2nd, Folk on the Moor, Lee Mill, Devon (Jigantics)
Friday 14th, Hinckley ACT Christmas party, Leicestershire (Jigantics)

Tuesday 11th, Bristol Blues Club (KTB)

Saturday 15th. Drill Hall, Chepstow (KTB)

2 thoughts on “Keith Thompson Music – News

  1. Darrel Kirby

    A busy man! Shame we won’t be seeing you at the Gloucester Blues Festival this year, but you can’t do it all!

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