Keith Thompson Music News – Feb/March 2018

Hello Everyone!


Pics by Ron Milsom

A great start to the year. When music is your business, you never really know what is going to happen next! For example, I was at home in my little studio working on audio for a computer game. This is something I have done on and off now for several years, it is creative work and gives me a workaday focus and I can do it from home! Win win!.. Anyway….the phone rings and it is a local promoter who is in a panic because an act at a show he is putting on, 10 minutes from my house, has let him down….”Can you be here in an hour?”…..”Sure” I reply. The pic above is taken from the gig. It was a rare opportunity for me to play in my home town. It was a great night. I was on form as this was the third gig that week. The audience were really appreciative. Later that week, I get another call from a promoter/musician I have worked a lot with in Poland. He had a few chords and a melody line for a song designed for a Polish pop singer called “Kasia”…but he needed it quickly! “Piece of cake” I reply…so back in my studio I come up with the lyrics and the hook for a song called, “One Voice”. It is writing to a brief really, as it has to have universal lyrics and as it is not the singer’s native language, it can’t be too complicated! The result is a great little pop song and Kasia did a wonderful job. Within a week it was on national radio stations in Poland.

For me the “live” scene at the moment seems to consist of my solo acoustic work and the Folk/Americana band, “The Jigantics”. My own band is taking a pause….more work in the pipeline though. Last week the Jigantics headlined a show in Petersfield, UK which ended up with the two other bands on the bill joining us for two encores. That was a lot of fun!

Encore 14

Pic by Jan Thompson

As you can see….anything can happen! Below I have listed the current schedule which is constantly being worked on and additions made. I would like to draw your attention to 3 solo gigs that if you are in the area, it would be fantastic to see you. You need tickets so you would be advised to get in quick!

Saturday 14th, April. Phoenix Theatre, Ross On Wye (KT solo acoustic) £14 from: TICKET SOURCE!

Friday 20th April. The Stables, Milton Keynes. (KT solo acoustic) £10 in advance from: THE STABLES

Tuesday 29th May. Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham. (KT solo acoustic) £10.50 or £9.00 (concessions) EVERYMAN BOX OFFICE

Other ways that you can support me is to subscribe to my YouTube channel:

Keith Thompson YouTube

And….”Like” and share my Facebook page.

See you somewhere out there!

The schedule as it stands:


Saturday 24th, Selsey Folk Club. (Jigantics)


Saturday 14th, Phoenix Theatre, Ross On Wye (KT solo acoustic)
Friday 20th, The Stables, stage 2, Milton Keynes (KT solo acoustic)

Sunday 22nd, Manor Farm Music, Ardley, Bicester (Jigantics)

27th – 30th, Germany/Austria (Keith Thompson Band)

Sunday 29th, Brucknerhaus, Linz, Austria (11.00am)


Sat 12th, Wolverton Folk & Blues Festival, Shorwell, Isle of White.(Jigantics) TBC
Saturday 19th, Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Maidenhead (Jigantics)
Tuesday 29th, Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham (KT solo acoustic)


1st, Queen’s Head, Monmouth (Jigantics)
7th, Folk in a Field, King’s Lynn. (Jigantics)
8th, Folk in a Field, King’s Lynn. (Jigantics)

13th – 27th, Poland tour (Keith Thompson Band)

Sat 14th, Krakow Summer Festival (KTB)
Wed 18th, Blues Marathon, Augustow, Poland (KTB)
Friday 20th, Blues Marathon, Augustow, Poland (KTB)
Tues 24th, Krakow Summer Festival (KTB)
Sunday 29th, Guiting Power Music Festival (KT Solo acoustic – on stage 1.30pm)


Mon 6th, Black Book Cafe, Lifting the Blues event, Stroud (KT solo acoustic)


Thursday 6th, Bromyard Folk Festival (Jigantics) TBC
15th -16th, Midlands Game Fair, Shifnal (Jigantics)


26th Oct – 4th Nov, Holland tour. (Jigantics)

27th, Café de Lantaern, Holland (Jigantics)

Thursday 1st. Theater De Wegwijzer, Molenweg 25, 4339 AA Nw.- En St. Joosland, Holland (Jigantics)
Friday 2nd. Peter en Leni, Damsterweg 20 9629 PD Steendam, Holland (Jigantics)
Sunday 4th, Roots aan De Zaan, De Kleine Waarheid, Klauwershoek 4-8 Zaandam, NL TBA. Holland (Jigantics)


Sunday 2nd, Folk on the Moor, Lee Mill, Devon (Jigantics)
Friday 14th Hinckley ACT Christmas party, Leicestershire (Jigantics)

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